​Muti-channel VR Controller Solution

1. Key functions
Multichannel VR controller solutions control fewer than 100 HMDs simultaneously, so many people can get to the same level at a time.
This solution allows you to experience VR.
 1) Smart Factory Enables Efficient Decision Making in conjunction with Virtual Particle Simulation
 2) Disaster preparation education through earthquake VR system of civil defense training site and safety experience center
 3) Meeting the demand for education through VR system related to constellation experience in observatory and science museum
 4) Welfare of the elderly through VR system to prevent dementia in senior facilities such as senior citizens' centers and dementia prevention centers nationwide

2. User base
People in various experience centers who are unhappy with individual VR systems and need to be experienced by many people at once

3. Where to Use
SMBs that want to experience many people at once to increase visitor satisfaction by increasing turnover and introducing smart factory businesses at a low cost
1) More than 200 civil defense training centers nationwide
2) Approximately 500 experience centers nationwide (Cheonmun, Science, Ecology, etc.)
3) Smart Factory Business Related Smart Factory Business
4) National Center for the Elderly and the Center for the Prevention